Your Choice
You have absolute choice on which home health agency you use.

Did you know you ultimately are the Absolute Decision Maker on what home care company you want to use for therapy and nursing services through home health? While you need to utilize a Medicare Certified Agency to have Medicare and other Payers to pay for services, you have the right to use any home health agency that you want regardless of who currently services the assisted living, hospital or senior independent facility, and regardless of affiliated ownerships, agreements or financial interests a healthcare provider may have.

Not all Home Health agencies use Registered Nurses and Therapists.

Most companies use a combination of RN's and LPN's in an effort to cut costs. Gem City Home Care and Care Connection of Cincinnati feel strongly that full-fledged Registered Nurses, who are qualified and licensed to assess the changing needs of clients, best serve continuity and quality of care. The investment in the highest level of education and licensure benefits clients as many seniors have medically complex issues with multiple medications and a long list for their past medical history.

Home Healthcare Should Not Cost You a Penny!

It is covered 100% by traditional Medicare Part A. There are no co-pays or limits provided you qualify for home health. PPO's and HMO's have separate payment schedules and you need to check with their guidelines.

Make us your Choice!

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